Afternoon Tea is back! 

Afternoon Tea is available by reservation only, on Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, 12:30pm or 3pm ONLY.

Please note: We are slightly modifying our Afternoon Tea presentation due to COVID19 regulations. Shared tiers are replaced with individual plates for each guest.


​​Afternoon Tea Service is available most Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, 12:30pm or 3pm. Reservations can be made online for up to 8 guests! Please note that we are do not allow tables to be moved or combined so our servers can safely serve all customers.



$35 / person

Children (aged 6-13)

$25 / child

*modified menu

Everyone in your party must partake in the Afternoon Tea Service menu.


Adults (per person)

4 finger sandwiches

1 seasonal scone

3 petite desserts

Pot of fine tea

Vegetarian sandwiches available upon request. See the full menu.

No vegan or gluten-free options available.

*Kids menu is modified to 2 sandwiches and 2 desserts.

Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea
Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea

Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea
Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea

Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea
Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea

Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea
Morning Lavender Cafe Afternoon Tea


Earl Grey Classic

Earl Grey Lavender

Heavenly Cream

Signature Black

Masala Chai Classic

Jasmine Mist

Peaches and Cream

Strawberry Rose Champagne

Herbal (decaf):

Celebration Medley

Citron Calm

Rouge Provence

Marrakesh Mint

Vanilla Cream

Serene Dream


Give the gift of Morning Lavender Cafe with a beautiful gift card that can be used towards drinks, food, or Afternoon Lavender Tea.


Enjoy our our Afternoon Tea Boxes in the comfort of your own home or out in a socially distanced party! 4 sandwiches, 1 scone, house-made clotted cream, 2 desserts and a sachet of tea in the prettiest box you've ever seen. Available on selected dates only.


Do you require reservations?

If you are looking to just come into the cafe for teas, coffees, and pastries from the counter, we do not require reservations. If you would like to participate in the Afternoon Tea Service available only on Saturdays and Sundays,  we do require reservations. Visit our Yelp page to check availability and make a reservation.


Do you take reservations for weekdays?

Since we only offer Afternoon Tea Service on weekends, reservations are not needed during the week. You are welcome to just come into the cafe and order teas, coffees, and pastries from the counter!


When do you have Afternoon Tea Service?

Saturdays and Sundays on select dates at 10am, 12:30pm or 3pm.​

How long is every Afternoon Tea Service reservation?

Tea Service is 2 hours long and ONLY during these designated times:

10am - 12pm,

12:30pm - 2:30pm or

3pm - 5pm

What are your COVID modifications?

We have reduced the number of available tables to maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet between parties. We have modified our presentation so each guest will have their own individual plate instead of a shared tier. Tables cannot be combined for larger parties, but groups can request to be seated next to each other. The max guest count for online reservation is 8.

How do I make a reservation for Afternoon Tea Service?

Visit our Yelp page to check availability and make a reservation. Parties of 5 or more will require a CC hold to book. The cancellation fee is $100 if cancelled within 3 days of your reservation.

Do you take Afternoon Tea Service reservations over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. With availability changing quickly, Yelp is your best bet to secure a reservation.

How fast will I get a response via email?

We typically email you back within 2 business days (Mon-Fri, not including weekends or holidays).


I tried to make a reservation on Yelp but it is not letting me pick the time or date I want.

Reservations are made available in batches and limited on a first come, first serve basis. ​If your desired date and time is booked, you may enter your name and phone number to be notified if a reservation is cancelled. Note, this option is only available via desktop or laptop, not your phone's browser.

Does everyone in the party have to participate in the Afternoon Tea Service?

Yes, everyone who is sitting at the table is considered to be part of the Afternoon Tea Service and will be served and charged accordingly. Due to CDC guidelines, each guest has to be counted in your reservation, including babies and children (even if they are eligible to not participate.)

Do you host private events and/or workshops?

Yes! Please see our private events page or private tea parties page for more information. Please keep in mind that Private Tea Party is only available on dates that no other tea reservation has been made. Plan early and email us if you have any questions!

Do you make your pastries in house?

No, we do not. We proudly serve pastries from local bakeries such as Crema Bakery, Black Market Bakery, and M Cakes Sweets. Because of these partnerships, pastries may be sold out at time on a daily basis.


Do you have any breakfast or lunch menu items?

While we do not offer breakfast or lunch, we carry a variety of breads, danishes, croissants, cookies, and donuts on a daily basis.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we will do our best to help you!