Thank you for joining us for our Afternoon Tea Service today!  Please wear a mask while speaking to any of our staff and when inside the cafe.  Together, we can keep our community safe! If you need a mask, feel free to ask and we'll provide a disposable one to you, free of charge!

The only thing you need to decide is whether or not you would like a vegetarian plate of sandwiches and which tea flavor you'd like!

Due to Covid19 measures, we are not accepting cash at this time and are limited to splitting the bill to 2 credit cards only. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

UPDATED 7/10/20


Chicken Salad

Salmon & Dill

Cucumber & Mint (vegetarian)

Creamy Spinach (vegetarian)


Warm lemon lavender scone with almonds

Served with clotted cream & preserves


Lavender Macaron

Strawberry Sprinkle Vegan Donut

Sea Salted Caramel Pudding




Earl Grey Classic

Bergamot Cloaked Black Tea

Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with natural oil of Italian bergamot for a classic citrus character


Earl Grey Lavender ♥️

Floral & Citrus Black Tea

Ceylon and Assam black tea blended with fine French lavender and oil of Italian bergamot

Heavenly Cream ♥️

Creamy, Velvety Black Tea

A rich blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea balanced with notes of Sicilian Italian bergamot and creamy Madagascar Vanilla


Signature Black

Darjeeling & Assam Black Tea

A signature blend of a spring Darjeeling and bodied Assam tea that will delight its fresh, full richness and refined finish

Masala Chai Classic

Indian Spiced Black Tea

Rich Assam black tea blended with a medley of traditional spices for a bodied and heated finish


♥️ = customer favorite


Jasmine Mist

Jasmine Scented Green Tea

Chinese green tea leaves scented with four times its weight in fresh jasmine blossoms for a refined floral finish

Peaches and Cream ♥️

Sweet & Delicate White Tea

A beautiful blend of white tea infused with the natural sweetness of peach and finished with a vanilla top note




Celebration Medley ♥️

Apple-Orange Spiced Tisane

South-African red rooibos sings with the natural sweetness of apple, orange and rose, creating the perfect concert of flavors with spice notes

Citron Calm

Chamomile & Lemongrass Tisane

Whole chamomile flavors blended with sweet notes of citrus for a smooth bodied and honeyed linger

Rouge Provence ♥️

Rooibos & French Floral

South-African red rooibos blended with French floral and berries for a refreshingly refined and honeyed linger

Marrakesh Mint

Rooibos & Mint Medley

South-African green rooibos delicately blended with a medley of a mint for a refined and refreshing finish


Champagne - $6/glass, $20/bottle

Mimosa - $7/glass, $25/bottle

Frose - $8/glass


We're thrilled you've chosen our cafe to spend time with your friends and loved ones! If you are interested in shopping in our boutique, please enter through El Camino, as we will be monitoring the number of shoppers inside at one time. And please don't forget to cover your nose and mouth while shopping! If you need a mask, feel free to ask and we'll provide a disposable one to you, free of charge!

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